Some key take-aways:

  • The Marzano Learning Sciences Research Lab (Marzano & Toth, 2014) has recently published a research report (namely “Teaching for Rigor: A Call for a Critical Instructional Shift”), revealing that nearly 60% of the classroom time in schools in the United States is still dedicated to direct instruction
  • According to the recent K-12 edition of the New Media Consortium Horizon Report 2015 (Johnson, Adams Becker, Estrada & Freeman, 2015), the flipped classroom is foreseen as one of the most prominent educational strategies in this triennium to transform students from “spoon-fed,” passive learners into self-directed, active learners.

Source: Empowering Students in the Process of Social Inquiry Learning through Flipping the Classroom. By Jong, Morris Siu-Yung | Educational Technology & Society, January 2017 | Go to article overview

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