Soldier, ask not – now, or ever,
Where to war your banners go.
Blood and sorrow, pain unending,
Are the portion of us all.
Source: Gordon R. Dickson’s Hymn of the Friendlies

Isn’t that a great poem? It’s not the complete piece, but I cobbled together my two favorite parts. Rather than see it as depressing, which may be one’s first impression, it is really quite uplifting. I’m reminded of Dr. M. Scott Peck’s line, “Life is difficult.” Once you accept that it is difficult, it loses it’s power over you.

As a person whose brain is always “on,” a lifelong learner, I’m thrilled at the opportunities presented. There’s a bit of freedom in being a soldier, sent from place to place to facilitate learning, overcoming difficulties that are part and parcel of the work. And, fortunately, it’s soldiering but it doesn’t involve blood and dying.

The antidote for any tough job isn’t whining, complaining or anything like that. Rather, it is a simple quote that Jason Holt holds dear:

Creating something in the face of adversity, in spite of the troubles…I often think that’s what we were created for. To bloom in spite of what may come.

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