Wait, you didn’t know your favorite cloud service was down? While many of us rely on a negative experience to clue us in that our beloved cloud service is down, there are other approaches we can take to find out.

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Approach #1 – Negative Experience
I experienced this firsthand today, as I was attending the Internet of Things (IoT) Action with Microsoft (follow the hashtag at #iotinactionms) and trying to save my audio recordings to OneDrive. I found wondering, “Who else is suffering this?”

Approach #2 – Internet Search Engine
Not surprisingly, a two second internet search on your favorite engine may get you some information. For example, I stumbled on my OneDrive outage pretty quickly!

Source: DownDetector

DownDetector tracks more than just Microsoft, though. You can see their complete list here and may be much more effective tool to use than just doing an internet search. Some of my favorites include Amazon, Apple App Store, Blogger (perish the thought that my blog platform would suffer an outage!), Facebook, Apple Facetime and many more!

Approach #3 – Twitter Commiseration
One of the quickest searches you can do is to simply tweet at your solution partner and see if they have shared any bad news. For many vendors, we may not know who to contact. But, if you know, then it’s definitely worth reaching out. For example, here’s the response my tweet received:

As you can see, OneNoteEDU not only let me know there was a problem, they provided a link to a better source of information! Remember, when there is an outage, it isn’t about yelling and screaming, only an effort to find out what’s going on. You can see I avoided legendary twitter complaint type. My intent and goal was to share my sorrow at being unable to access MONTHS of OneNote notebooks I host on OneDrive…and which aren’t backed up anywhere. A loss of those notebooks would be catastrophic.

Approach #4 – Status Dashboards
No matter what service you are using, I suspect that somewhere, somehow, there’s a place where you can go check on the status. For example, check out these dashboards (click vendor names to view dashboards) from Microsoft and Google Suites, respectively.

View dashboard

View dashboard | Office 365 admins can login to see more


What approach would you take? I hope these 4 approaches will work for you and save you some time and effort when your favorite service encounters an error. In the meantime, I was unable to access OneNote Notebooks during the outage (which appears to have ended as I was writing this blog entry), which affects the following notebooks that are widely shared:

  • TCEA Connect! – features all my resources for my work with TCEA.org, a veritable treasure trove for educators!
    • Technology Leadership Summit 2016 – This contains all the resources for the TCEA 2016 Leadership Summit held December 9, 2016. I’m looking forward to sharing the 2017 Summit resources (sign up for the May 12th Summit on Internet of Things)
    • Lots more.
    • TCEAMEE – This is my Minecraft OneNote notebook. Fortunately, this one is up!
  • MGFolio – This is my ePortfolio,which I decided to put into OneNote because the new Google Sites wasn’t quite up to snuff, and the migration tool (to migrate my old Google Sites ePortfolio) was not yet available. I have to admit that I really like OneNote as an ePortfolio tool.

Yay, all’s well that ends well! All my sites are back up again!

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