Looking for some quick ways to craft videos? These tools are all wonderful and can help you put together a video quickly:

  • Mobile Apps
    Combine your mobile device (e.g. iOS/Android phone/tablet) with an inexpensive tripod (duct tape works, too!) and use one of the following apps:
    • YouTube Capture (iOS only): This phenomenal app allows you to quickly record video, save it straight to YouTube. You can do simple annotations/edits with the app.
    • Shadow Puppet EDU (iOS only): Combine pictures, video and sound in this app to create a great video you can save to YouTube.
  • Screencasting
    Screencasting often involves recording your screen. Most screencasting tools will allow you to capture you in a small preview window, enabling you to record your screen while picturing you.
    • Screencastify: This easy to use Chrome browser Add-On allows you record Chrome browser tab with sound, your Desktop with sound, and include you in a preview window. You will have to pay more money ($20 onetime fee, well worth it) if you want to record longer than 10 minutes.  Watch tutorial.
    • Nimbus Screenshot and Screencast:  Similar to Screencastify but free.

Bonus Tips: Take advantage of Green Screen tools to kick your video up a notch!  
  • iOS Device handy? Take advantage of the Do Ink Green Screen app ($2.99) and a $1.00 Family Dollar green table cloth to put yourself into the screen.
  • Windows 10 device? Use The Simple Green Screen app.

And, finally, Chrome browser with webcam laptop? Use a Google Hangouts background! You can combine Screencastify and Google Hangouts Chrome Add-On to get all Googly (terrible example). After recording the video, crop it to cut out all the unnecessary screen noise. Example shown right.

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