1. Start Minecraft: Education Edition by clicking on the magnifying glass or the search bar in the bottom left corner of Windows 10 installation and type in “Minecraft” to pull up the appropriate Minecraft: Education Edition. Looks like this:
  2. Machine generated alternative text: More  Best match  Minecraft: Education Edition  Trusted Windows Store app  Apps  Classroom Mode for Minecraft  Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition  Folders  Minecraft - in OneDrive  Minecraft - in OneNote  Minecraft Across the Curriculum - in  Redmond Boot Camp  Documents  Minecraft Information.one  Minecraft Vocabulary.pdf  mine  o  e
2 – Select the following from whatever appears:
Machine generated alternative text: Minecraft: Education Edition  Trusted Windows Store app
3 – Login into Minecraft: Education Edition with your Office 365 account
Machine generated alternative text: Connecting to a service  DUCATION EDITION  Work or school, or personal Microsoft account  Email or phone  Password  Sign in  Can't access your account?  0 2016 Microsoft  Terms of use Privacy & Cookies  Microsoft
If you are prompted with this screen:
Machine generated alternative text: ON  It looks like miguel.guhlin@usmie.com is used with more than  one account. Which account do you want to use?  Work or school account  Created by your IT department  miguel.guhlin@usmie.com  Personal account  Created by you  miguel.guhlin@usmie.com  Back
Be sure to select “Work or school account”
Once logged in, you will see this screen:
Machine generated alternative text: MINE-CRAFT  EDUCATION EDITION  Miguelfi-  Settings

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