One of my favorite stories…worth sharing again!

The Secret to Happiness

Once upon a time, a man stood crying alone on the rooftop of his house. He was unhappy, and he cried out, “I just want to be happy.” An angel appeared to him, and offered to grant him 3 wishes over the course of his life. “Grant my wish, angel!” the man begged.  

He was mourning the fact that the roof he stood upon was of a house he did not own, that his creditors beat upon his door and his wife lived in fear of furniture and vehicles being seized.  The first wish the man asked for was wealth.   

For a time, he was happy but then his wife fell ill and no amount of money could save her. As he wept again at her plight, the angel appeared again and offered to grant him a wish. The man wished for health, but in spite of his health and family’s being improved, over time, he realized that this did not make him happy. 

He reflected long and hard on this, even writing a few blog entries, sending out a few tweets, and checking with his PLN.  

Finally, one night as he suffered weariness of spirit in spite of riches, family, and perfect health, the angel appeared to him to grant his final wish, present at his unbidden request. “Angel,” the old man asked, “grant me my wish…teach me to be grateful for all that has happened and will happen in my life.” The angel made it so.  

At last, the man achieved happiness.

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