The Frozen Sky series by Jeff Carlson

Are you reading non-fiction via Twitter, Flipboard, and a million other social media outlets? Every day, a new app pops up and demands your attention (e.g. Voxer with audio, Periscope with video)…how do you decide what will win the competition for your attention?  There are so many “leadership” and “self-help” books out there, not to mention blogs, podcasts, videos, that if you’re an educator, you can be assured you’ll never be bored. That said, for me, it’s pretty easy–I began my love affair with reading when I was a youngster, and

Fiction Book Pick: Looking for an action-packed thriller? You’ll want to peer into Chandler McGrew‘s Cold Heart*. The book by Chandler McGrew (@chandlermcgrew), caught my attention from the get-go. Though I seldom do it anymore, I read the book straight through in one sitting. 

Imagine telling a fiction story using Periscope, or delivering a serial audio book via Voxer. Ah well, won’t be long. After all, folks are telling stories via Instagram.

Since I’ve spent a lot of time on the road, solutions like provide ample content to listen to…I usually put the audio files–you can get them as podcasts. Rather than rely on the iPad’s Podcast app (which I hate), I rely on the Downcast app ($2.99) which works beautifully–on my iPad or save them to a USB flash drive to plug into the USB port in my Nissan Juke.

Be sure to listen to Nathan Lowell’s entire Trader Tales series and be sure
to check out his Shaman Tales

Podiobooks has a nice collection of Nathan Lowell’s awesome Trader Tales, a five volume audiobook series that is engaging. I started listening and couldn’t stop. Scott Sigler, an awesomely frightening author, introduced me to unintentionally, when he advised another Facebook follower to check out his content on it.

My favorite fiction this summer…and, I also re-acquainted myself with my Goodreads account.

  1. Jonathan Moeller (@moellerjonathan)Get started with some free ebooks | Buy his books via Smashwords!
    1. The Frostborn – This series is phenomenal and includes some of Jonathan’s best work!
    2. Tower of Endless Worlds – I’m re-reading this series from the start…great
    3. Check out his books on Goodreads
  2. Nathan Lowell (@nlowell)
    1. Trader Tales…it’s all great reading, I’m sure, but I’ve only encountered it via
    2. Shaman Tales…on this one, I’ve only heard a bit of it, but I’m already hooked!
    3. Check out his books on Goodreads
  3. Scott Sigler (@scottsigler)
    1. The Ancestor – I picked up a copy of this book and read it, but it’s also available as an audiobook you can listen to. And, of course, you have to read his Infected trilogy.
    2. Check out his books on Goodreads
I definitely recommend you buy your books through Smashwords, since they come without digital rights management, making it easier to read your books on multiple devices. And, you can easily upload your ebooks (epub/PDF format) to Google Play Books (read tutorial), which makes it readily available on all your devices. 

Non-Fiction Book Pick: Check out Doug “Blue Skunk” Johnson‘s Teaching Outside the Lines: Developing Creativity in Every Learner*. What I liked the most about this book was the exploration of what constitutes creativity. Doug’s humor is definitely in evidence throughout the text. I mention this non-fiction book in the midst of fiction because I’m sure Doug won’t mind too much…after all, he’s an avid reader, too! 🙂

If you’d rather not put your content into Google Play Books, then consider using Aldiko ereader (free) on Android, Readdle Documents on iOS devices, FBReader on GNU/Linux, and well, for Mac, you’re almost bound to read ebooks with iBooks (but you can also use Calibre or Sigil).

Next on my list to Read:

  1. Toby Downton‘s Solarversia* – This is an intriguing book I just started reading for review purposes. “Solarversia is the story of an epic year-long game played by 100 million people inside a virtual world modelled on the real world Solar System.”
  2. Jonathan Moeller‘s Frostborn: The Broken Mage and Bound to the Eye.
  3. William Brinkley‘s The Last Ship – My family and I have been enchanted by the plague version of the story on television, so I’m hoping to enjoy the book with its nuclear apocalypse focus.
  4. Sara King‘s The Legend of Zero – This is a fascinating account of aliens who have captured children to serve in an alien war. I admit I peeked under the cover and have already started reading it.
  5. Jonathan Maberry‘s Code ZeroI was first introduced to Maberry when I read his book, Patient Zero, and that was terrific! I’ve tried to keep up with his work.
  6. Jeff Carlson‘s Plague Year
  7. Larry Correia‘s Monster Hunter NemesisThis is an absolutely hilarious, jammed with action series that’s worth reading from the start. Nemesis is the latest in the series.

*Note: Starred “*” items were provided as review copies by the authors or publishers. That said, if I think the book stinks, I won’t review it or mention it. Fortunately, I’ve read enough of these that they continue to hold my interest…and, it’s not like there isn’t a lot to read!

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