MyNotes: #iplza15 Minecraft

These are my notes from Rafranz Davis’ session on Minecraft at iPadpalooza 15. I regret in spite of rushing across the campus, I missed the first few minutes of Rafranz’ preso. That’s sad because Dawn Drisdale (@mrsdris30) is leading the charge in a district I’m partial to as part of the STEAM initiative.

(short segment given that I arrived late to this session)


  1. If you give your students a performance to do, don’t provide the options (a,b,c,d).
  2. Do performance assessments in Minecraft.
  3. Why Minecraft: 
    1. enables students to be creative in ways they can’t be in other ways.
  4. Why not Minecraft?
    1. Starting for after-school activity
  5. The iPad app (Minecraft)

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