#iplza15 AppSmashing: ebooks with @BookCreator

Preso by Pam Anderson (@panders4) at iPadpalooza15. The focus on the session is on “playing.” This is just a time to play.

(abbreviated since there was a lot of “play” time for people to explore)


  1. iPDP Technology Group
  2. Movely.com
  3. Apps we discussed during AppyHours
    1. QR Codes
    2. Padlet
    3. Socratic Assessment
    4. Reading Magic 1-4 apps
    5. Science House
    6. Doceri
  4. Book Creator app
  5. We have several class sets of iPads
  6. Students created ebooks by snapping pictures of their art work then adding audio to them.
  7. Wow, the power of children’s voices is just incredible in these projects.
  8. Export as ePub, PDF, Video
  9. Pam is sharing an overview of Book Creator features on screen.
Here are some of my (Miguel’s) resources for Book Creator…

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