This session is from iPadpalooza 2015, which took place in June, on the topic of Set the Stage: How to Turn your iPad or Smart Phone into an interactive Digital Creation and Presentation Tool with Jon Roepke (Director, Product Management, Belkin Education).

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  1. It all started in a 2-car garage in Southern California…30+ years ago and more than 2K products later.
  2. We are inspired by people who explore the power of technology
  3. We find gaps between what users want and can do with technology
  4. Between 1960 and 2015, not much has changed in the classroom environment.
  5. There are all sorts of accessibility issues with interactive whiteboards.
  6. iPads are interactive…not confined to a particular presentation system that is classroom bound. Keep your learning devices mobile.
  7. These devices are magical…super computers, not just game engines or single application engines.
  8. How do I get connected? How do you move from consumption to collaboration?
  9. Stage Pro app is available for FREE if you use this link today (June 23, 2015):
  10. Belkin products:
    1. Portable Tablet Stage ($99)
  11. Record Lessons, Tutorials and Demonstration – great for YouTube videographers!
    1. Capture information using your iPad, video/edit/upload on iPad, you save lots of steps!
  12. Film Your DIY, Maker and Craft Projects

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