Image above Created by Susie Highley (@shighley)

I recently read somewhere that if you add an image to a tweet, that increases the chance people will click on the link. With that piece of information in mind, I was surprised to see a retweet of my blog entry, Tearing Down False Gods, by Aaron Davis (@mrkndvs) that included just such an image:

Aaron has certainly raised the bar for retweeters, right? Consider some of his other creations that he houses at Flickr:

View more of Aaron’s work

I asked him how he was making these, and he cited a few tools, tagging Bill Ferriter (@plugusin), who also contributed:

  1. turns any ordinary quotes texts into beautiful quotes picture for Facebook, Twitter header, Google Plus, E-Cards, Wallpapers, Pinterest, Posters and other print design.
  3. Canva – via Bill, Canva “provides users with access to a TON of engaging templates and images that can be easily dragged and dropped into impressive final products in minutes.”
  4. Wordswag – This is an Apple iOS app that allows you to add words to your pictures. Also recommended by Bill.
  5. Google Draw – I’ve used this a few times, or just build it in GoogleSlides.
  6. HaikuDeck – This iOS and Web-based app makes adding quotes to images, or vice versa, quite easy.
  7. A whole list of these kinds of tools

What do you use to “image your quotes?”

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