Hispanic Population on the Rise

What a great blog entry via With a Brooklyn Accent on the deleterious effects of school reform on people:

Beyond the humiliation, beyond the destruction of careers, lies a contempt for history which is the hallmark of all dictatorial regimes. 

Whether you do it to an individual or an entire population, erase their past and you can more easily destroy their humanity. 

Such has been wreckage of lives and reputations registered by what is euphemistically called “School Reform,” whose excesses are still going on unchecked. 

Why systematically destroy educators and schools? Simply ask yourself who is in charge and stands to benefit. While you’re pondering that point, take a look at the facts about population growth in cities like Austin, Texas:

The Hispanic population has been the largest-growing segment of the population in Austin for the past few years, and Southwest Austin is seeing that growth in action, city of Austin Demographer Ryan Robinson said…“Today, Latino students make up 60 percent of our student population, and limited English proficient students make up now almost 30 percent of our [Austin ISD] student population,” Saldaña said.

This idea of bashing teachers, destroying public education, a slash-n-burn approach to education as some flee to their self-established safe zones (private and charter schools) isn’t limited to Texas or America. It’s happening as other nations follow the lead of U.S. lawmakers, a way to shirk responsibilities. And, I’m not sure that responses like this one from a Canadian educator do much to bring about change:

I could go on and on about my teachers that made such an impact on me, and the current educators that I serve every day that make such a difference.  This is not meant to be a political statement at all, but more just showing gratitude to the many educators who have made such a difference in the lives of so many.

It’s time to make political statements. Don’t you think?

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