One of my favorite songs as a young man was Harry Chapin’s Cats in a Cradle. When I first heard this song, before my children were born, I couldn’t help but scoff at the song. “What? Are you serious? Hanging out with a baby and young children is easy!”

As I grew older, sank my teeth into my career, I found it easy to keep working in the evenings, as my children danced around for attention. Now, when I listen to Cats in a Cradle, I can’t help but feel a bit of fool for the young man I was, who scoffed at the father in the song who couldn’t make time for his children.

There are many things we have to make time for in life, and if you’re in a leadership position, you have to make time for the items in this list on How Incoming CIOs Can hit the Ground Running. Ironically, you can start over every day fresh and build relationships.

MyNotes: How Incoming CIOs Can Hit the Ground Running

  1. Get out of your office, meet your department heads and build strong relationships. Make sure the team sees IT as a key part of the administration.
  2. Support a culture of innovation and strategic thinking, balanced with maintaining IT operations.

    You will not survive if your customer’s IT systems are frequently disrupted or ineffective.

  3. Consolidate to control costs.
    1. Identify standards, reduce the number of software technologies and you lower cost
    2. Set standard procurement processes in place.
  4. Build a strong staff and be bold.
    1. Find the best staff you can afford.
    2. Make decisions.
    3. Lead by example.
  5. Learn boss’ priorities and find out how you will be evaluated.
  6. Community engagement: Connect with the Chamber of Commerce, as well as other community leaders.

Just like in one’s own life, it’s one thing to say you’ll spend time with your children…another to actually do it consistently. The same goes for this list.

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