Have you ever done the half-awake, disaster dance? You know, that lousy moment when you drop a jar on the floor and it explodes, leaving you stranded barefoot on your kitchen floor? Or, that moment when a coke explodes because you forgot to open it gradually (come on, Coke, there has to be a better way!) and stains the ceiling and walls?

The dance, unless you’ve been immobilized by glass shards and liquid shrapnel combined with a dose of shock, involves waving your arms around, and yelling, “Why me? Why now?!?”

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“What’s this bouncy window in the background?” The question from my wife prompted my latest hop-a-about this morning, as I struggled to work the lagañas (in English, “sleepy dust?”) out of my eyes, knocking my glasses to the floor. Thank goodness, they bounced.  “I clicked on the zip file attachment to my email.”
“Why did you do that?” My panic center sends out an alert, bypassing my normal, cool relaxed approach.
“I needed to see what my friend had sent me.”

Let’s review the facts:

  1. Spouse clicked on zipped file.
  2. Bouncy windows in the background.
  3. Major Windows Beware announcements everywhere.
  4. Local news stations saying, “Don’t click that link or attachment in your email!”

The thought of re-imaging a hard drive that I’d just setup this weekend–What horror!

Running Windows? You should probably run your updates about now. A serious new vulnerability has been confirmed as present in all versions of Windows from Vista onwards which has the potential to let hackers execute their own arbitrary code.
The issue (CVE number CVE-2014-6321) is rated critical by Microsoft, and affected users are being strongly encouraged to update their systems. 

Vulnerable versions of Windows include Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1 (both RT and non-RT). Also at risk is Microsoft’s server family of operating systems, including Windows 2003, 2008 and 2012. Source: MakeUseOf

“Dad,” asked my son miserably, “does this mean you’re going to put linux on that computer now?”
“Yes, sir! LubuntuLinux!” I replied as I sipped my hazelnut capuchino. “At least, one one side of it” referring to the dual-boot process possible.

Some Windows-centric backup solutions:

  1. EaseUs ToDo Backup
  2. Data File Backup
  3. Windows 8.1 System Image Backup
  4. AOMEI Backupper (free edition)
  5. Paragon Backup and Recovery
Of course, my preference is to use something like PartImage, PINGFSArchiver, or, sigh, DD. Whatever is most exciting.

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