Well, I think I might be ready to start my teacher blog!  If I share a draft with you, would you be brutally honest in it’s critique?  😉

Above, you see the request of a new teacher blogger. How would you reply?

Image Source: http://www.nlm.nih.gov/exhibition/murderpamphlets/images/bludgeon.jpg

While some bludgeon others with their critical remarks in their blog, as a veteran blogger, I’ve come to a more mellow perspective. As a result, my response to queries like the one above take a different tack, as evidenced by my response below:

Blogs aren’t to be critiqued, but rather, excerpted, reflected on through the filter of one’s own experience, then written about…a learning conversation that blends experience, research when appropriate, and is inspired by others. 

So, rather than be brutally honest about critique, I’ll be reflective about your inspiration.

Of course, if I search Around the Corner, I’m sure I’ll find scathing critiques of ideas and policies, but seldom will that be about another blogger. The reason why is that the habit that has developed over time is to try to be reflective rather than invective.

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