Note: Over the next few weeks, I’ll be reading Eric Scheninger‘s book, Digital Leadership. Eric was kind enough to send me a copy and I’ll be sharing my notes and thoughts as I work my way through it. I’m honored that Eric sent me a print copy to read and share my thoughts on. Comments in square brackets are mine, the rest is the author’s.

My Notes

  1. Digital leaderships demands that we reach our stakeholders through the use of tools and social spaces…it calls for a hybrid construct of communication techniques that blends the traditional methods mentioned with the systematic use of social media tools to create a dynamic, two-way system that will increase engagement with all stakeholders.
  2. Four key principles that lay a foundation for communicating effectively with parents:
    1. transparency
    2. honesty
    3. accessibility
    4. flexibility
  3. Strategies:
    1. Make your professional email/twitter accounts available.
    2. Create your own web site and include contact information, your availability to meet with or speak to parents, extra help hours, student assignments, press, etc.
    3. Hold training workshops for parents.
    4. Call home on both positive and negative issues.
    5. Share as many student and teacher accomplishments and success stories as possible.
    6. Setup a separate phone number for parents using GoogleVoice.
    7. Make resources readily available for parents using a social bookmarking service.
    8. Always return parent phone calls and emails in a timely fashion
    9. Invite parents into your classrooms and schools.
    10. Develop a school Facebook page to advertise events and provide up-to-date school info.
    11. Institute a positive referral policy and make parents aware when their child is recognized.
    12. Start a blog, let parents know about it, and encourage them to comment on your posts.
    13. Look for other means to reach stakeholders. Create a paperless environment using
  4. True home/school partnerships call for communication to include plenty of two-way options, not just one-way sharing.

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