Note: The following article is a revised version of one I’ve shared in the past about Problem-based Learning. I revised it to match a new site I’m putting together. This installment is one of several that will appear over the next few days.

Action 4 – Support Problem Resolution

As students work their way through the different points of view according to the stakeholder position they have taken, it is important that they share information with each other. One way to do this is to encourage students to suggest a solution to the problem that considers the various points of view of all stakeholders. The teacher will want to facilitate a discussion to determine how students will share information to arrive at such a solution. Unlike other approaches that are focused on a culminating project, the emphasis in 

Problem-based Learning is on assessments that occur during the problem identification and solution development process. There is no need to have a culminating project, although some do create a product that reflects the learning that has taken place. This learning might result in assessment instances that have occurred through the solution development process, any insights gained, etc.

For example, consider this example that attempts to “get at process learning:”

Now that you have analyzed the results of your research, develop a multimedia presentation. Using eight slides, address the major points of your group’s problem/solution map, such as:

  • Title of your presentation and list of Group Members
  • What’s the problem?
  • Why is this a problem?
  • Who are the stakeholders?
  • What are some of the attempted solutions and their results? (use a different slide for each solution and result).
  • What do you see as the end result of these problems/solutions?
  • List your references.
  • Reflect on your success as a group.

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