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Last week, a colleague asked me, “If you had to lead a webinar on technology planning, what would you do?” The question made me reflect on the last 2 years of work I’ve done in my new position as Director of Technology Operations, which encompasses both instructional technology and infrastructure.

As I reflected, several key experiences yielded up some lessons worthy of a webinar. These key experiences include the following:

  1. Conduct an environmental scan for all infrastructure. What do you have? Be sure to also read this blog entry providing feedback on this post by Dr. Joel VerDuin.
  2. Asset ManagementHow can you track it all and “age it” so you know when you’re doing upgrades?
  3. Plan ahead for Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) and 1 to 1 Initiatives (e.g. iPad/Chromebook)Have you built up your infrastructure and addressed instructional practices?
  4. Budget Planning – What do your budget look like and how much can you count on from year to year?
  5. Communication – How are you communicating what the changes that need to happen, that have happened, or will happen to all stakeholders?
  6. Data Warehouse and Web Portal – How are you helping stakeholders see the data being collected by myriad of assessments and represent that in an easy to understand format? How can you avoid being data-rich, information poor (DRIP)?
  7. In the Cloud – What is your Voice Over Internet Protocol solution and how can you put that “in the cloud” to avoid exorbitant costs on in-house hosting? In fact, what other services can you move to the cloud to save funding?
  8. Business Operations – How can you facilitate streamlining of District services, including going paperless, flow of approval forms, purchasing, etc.?

These insights enable you to address many of the issues a school district technology program faces. In the next few blog entries, I’ll do my best to explore these. I don’t pretend to be an expert in any of these areas…only someone who, scratching at the ground, has unearthed these questions and needs help to see the big picture.

Stay tuned for future blog entries regarding Technology Planning Insights

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