Educreations has come out with a new version, EduCreations Pro that features two new editions, Classroom and School:

Today, we’re excited to take a first step toward achieving that goal by announcing an upcoming addition to our product lineup. We’re calling it Educreations Pro.
Educreations Pro will not be free, but it will be affordable. While a free option will still be available, Educreations Pro will offer many powerful new capabilities. It will be available in two versions, a Classroom Edition and a School Edition.

Educreations Pro will be available starting this summer, but we want to tell you about it now so you can begin planning to integrate it into your classroom next school year.

More Content Options
In addition to photos, Educreations Pro will enable you to import documents, presentations, webpages and maps into your project. Educreations Pro works seamlessly with Dropbox and Google Drive, making it easy to open your files and get right to work. 

Video Exporting
Save a copy of your video to your iPad, which you can post to YouTube, save to Dropbox or Google Drive, view offline, or use in other video projects. 

Save Work In-Progress
We know it can be challenging to finish an entire recording in a single session. The next version of Educreations will automatically save your work in-progress, so you can work on a project over multiple days. 

Powerful New Tools
New whiteboard tools will enable you to draw lines and shapes, highlight important information, and focus attention on specific areas of the page. 

Improved Classes
Create and manage classes right within the app. Students can join classes to view teacher lessons and collaborate on video projects with classmates. Teachers will enjoy a top-down view of all student work in one place.

Some of my favorite options are included in the EduCreations Pro version, such as saving work in progress, the ability to import documents, cloud storage. My TOP favorite feature includes exporting to the Camera Roll of the iPad and Google Drive. 

Since lots of folks have enjoyed Educreations as a flipped classroom video creation tool, these features will come in handy:

offering a special discount on Educreations Pro to the first 100 schools that purchase the School Edition.

I can’t help but wonder if the Pro features will be available to single users, as well. And, finally, still waiting for the Android version!

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