Over the last few months, quite a few magazines have stacked up on my desk. I’m amazed at how little I read these free offerings from various organizations; most of my input comes from RSS feeds and web sites shared via Twitter, G+, etc.

Here are my take-aways from Scholastic Administrator’s Spring 2014 issue:

  1. Law enforcement professionals make the case that an extra $75 billion spent over 10 years on early-childhood education could lead to 2 million additional high school graduates. The group notes that the country spends same amount each year to incarcerate 2 million prisoners. “Pay for quality early education and care now,” former LA sheriff Lee Baca says in the report, “or pay far more for the costs of crime in the decades to come.”
  2. As of January 2013, teachers had access to the following technologies:
    1. 90% personal computers or laptops
    2. 59% interactive whiteboards
    3. 36% handheld devices
    4. 35% tablets and e-readers
  3. Among teacher who use tablets, the following uss are cited as most beneficial:
    1. 71% educ.apps
    2. 64% educ web sites
    3. 60% e-books and e-textbooks
  4. Classroom cell phone use by students:
    1. 35% of teachers of lower-income students say their school’s rules have major impact on their teacher compared with
    2. 15% of those who teach students from the highest-income households
  5. Flipped Learning white paper (June, 2013) shares the following:
    1. 66% of teachers using flipped learning reported that their students’ standardized test scores increased after they flipped their classrooms.
    2. 8 in 10 teachers reported an improvement in their students’ attitudes towards learning
    3. 45% reported significant improvement in their own job satisfaction.
  6. 88% of districts around the country offer some form of credit-recovery courses or programs, according to the National Center for Education Statistics.
There’s lots of goodness in this issue but these are the points that jumped out at me.

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