As an educator with middle school teaching background, I probably fit the stereotype of bare walls and scantily clad bulletin boards. That is, my classroom would have fit that stereotype if my kindergarten teacher spouse hadn’t stepped up and set me straight. Without her creative abilities–and the ability to cut straight, lavish lamination on posters and signs–my children would have found themselves creating in a vacuum, except those abstract ideas floating in their heads.


The drive to create learning spaces that better help children learn, teacher scaffold that learning can have profound effects. I am grateful to sharing by folks like those cited below:

We had a whole session about this at #EdCampATX!  Jake Duncan streamed it so the quality is probably not that great., we took notes in a Google Doc, but I can’t seem to find it. I also found some great notes from EdCampSTEAM about creating spaces.
I am working on a pilot with several of our teachers. We are Transforming their Learning Spaces.  Kids are designing the furniture.  I’m reasearching and reading Make Space and The Third Teacher.  We are working with an architect on our designs and hopefully, we will have several of the designs actually built.  All of this includes technology.  I was just awarded a grant which will allow us to go 1:1 with these 2 classes. Source: TCEA iPads in the Classroom Forum Post by Wendy Sanders

Fortunately, I did manage to bookmark the Edcamp Austin Notes:

Transformative Learning Spaces@LizzieFelterChanmThink about what the intention is for your classroom – Put those intentions in writing to guide that you want to see in the classroom – Be specific. Focus your ideas. – Take different “spaces” that look interesting and think about what that could look like in a school. – Ask the TEACHERS, STUDENTS, ADMINISTRATORS… EVERYONE for input *Collaborate and Share *This would get “buy in” to the learning space*Keep coming back to your intentions to not get overwhelmed by all the ideas
Brainstorming Intentions – Color – Space – Lighting – Furniture – Overall Mood – Focus of Learning
Use the different areas around the school besides your classroom– Library– Outside– Gym
@TechnoLibrary Transformed the library at her school! Check out her Twitter and website to see pictures. Teacher’s website
David Jakes @djakes on Twitterremake your classroom
Language of School Design by Prakash Nair and Fielding
Add a sticky note to share your intentions for your classroom! Tons of resources are posted there from this session 🙂 The board was made with Use in your classroom with the students for brainstorming, gathering ideas, ect.

Also, Carolyn “Technolibrary” Foote shares her examples in the links above via Pinterest:

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