Day before yesterday, I shared that I’d managed to snag the short URL featuring the tcea14 hashtag. If you aren’t familiar with URL shorteners, they essentially take a long, unmanageable and difficult to share web address (e.g. Google Sites or GoogleDocs web address) and make it short enough to print on a business card handout.

I’m using the Training2 Template from Google Sites

Here are 3 URL shortening services (free, of course) that you could use to shorten long web addresses, as I did with My TCEA 2014 Google Sites web site:

This is one of my top two favorite URL shorteners. It’s free, easy to use and most of the time, works great.


By the way, here are some ways to “decode” or unshorten TinyURLs:

And this excellent tip via

Add “preview.” before the “” portion of the URL to see where the link will take you, e.g. you can change into yet, you can force TinyURL to always take you to the preview link whenever you click on a shortcut. If you go to you can set a cookie for the site that will enable this feature.

Although I have suspicions that the “ly” stands for Libya or something, this URL shortener lets you create a free account then track hits (or number of visits) to a web site.


Some ways to decode URLs:

And, another tip from article cited above:

Just add a plus (“+”) after a URL to see where the link will take you, and also to get statistics for that shortened URL

This incredibly short URL shortener allows you to also create a custom web address for your web site.

Now, I know some of you are grumbling, “Miguel, you’ve used up all the tcea14 words!” but the truth is I haven’t for


BTW, other URL expanders mentioned here will work with links. Just add a dash “-” without quotes to the end of a link to see it:

See you at TCEA14!

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