View Vidcast of Amy Stengel’s Webinar Presentation
on Digital Storytelling

Amy Stengel

Amy Stengel serves as the Director of Creative Writing at the NorthEast School of the Arts (NESA) English program at Lee High School in the NorthEast Independent School District. Her work as a teacher has inspired countless teens to pursue their love of writing and engage in a multitude of projects.

Amy’s work with the San Antonio Area Council of Teachers of English ( is also worthy of mention. You can find out more about SAACTE andread Amy’s welcome message online.

Twitter: @amyroleto
Facebook: Amy Stengel

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  3. Animoto Education –
  4. Animoto for iPad –
  5. Podsafe Music –
  8. The GIMP –
  9. Safe Place to Share Stories –
  10. Google Search Stories –
  11. Video from Amy’s Presentation on Creative Writing Tea Time
  12. Huffington Post on Digital Storytelling –

About This Free Webinar Series Open to All Educators

Welcome to the Weekly Webinar Series onDigitizing the Writing Workshop. The co-hosts for Weekly Webinar Series onDigitizing the Writing Workshop include Diana Benner (Del Valle ISD, Tx) and Miguel Guhlin (East Central ISD, Tx). Find out more–such as the schedule for webinars, recordings and future guests–about the series online at  or Twitter Hashtag: #etchweb

Note: You can earn credit for participating–along with a certificate–for this series if you are a Del Valle ISD or East Central ISD teacher. Watch the vidcast linked below for more information.

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