a full-court press  (American)

a big effort to achieve something
(Source: FreeDictionary)

What are you doing to ensure “full-court press” for technology integration in classrooms? What’s your big effort to achieve it? Now, ask yourself what Curriculum Departments do when they want to achieve “full-court press” for one of their initiatives.

Here a my tongue-in-cheek list:

Image Source: http://goo.gl/iX0GOe

Would it help you evaluate whether you’re just a “nice to have” program (e.g. technology) rather than one worthy of full-court pressure to achieve something of lasting value?

  1. Superintendent level support. This is a top-priority and it will get done or else. 
  2. Everyone is involved. From the custodian to the superintendent and every cog in between–including teachers, PTAs, students–everyone has a role to play and knows what it is because…
  3. Public relations has communicated the mission and intent and why/how things will get done.
  4. Valued curriculum interventions have fidelity of implementation. “The extent to which the administration of an intervention complies with that intended in original design” (Source: Oh, the irony of this source especially in light of recent interventions).
    1. You’ve received a device of some sort. How are you assessing the fidelity of implementation in the classroom?
    2. Do you even have an original design?
    3. Ensuring teachers teach their students the way they have been told to teach their students, rather than “doing their own thing” and frequency.
  5. Expensive expert consultants provide required, mandatory training for district and campus staff. And, everyone has to be present.
  6. State assessments are used to justify everything. “Our kids will be tested on this.” Or, “Our scores in this are low compared to other districts or the State average, or whatever.”
  7. Graphs exist that show where your district stands in regards to others and everyone is taught to interpret those graphs, no matter how complex and a degree in educational statistics is needed.

I’m sure you can think of other things that happen, but this is the short list.

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