Update 10/23/2013: 
Thanks to Shadow Puppet developer for responding to concerns I had! His response appears below…

Hi Miguel — I’m one of the developers of Shadow Puppet and really appreciate your trying it out and sharing your experience.
Sorry to hear that you ran into these issues. Hopefully these tips are of help: 

1. By default, the images are zoomed to fill the active area. If part of the photo appears off screen, you can tap the magnifying glass in the upper right corner to fit the full image on screen. If you’d prefer, you can also zoom while you’re recording to direct the viewer’s attention based on what you’re saying. 

2. Video processing for longer puppets can take a little while. Because of this, we’ve designed the app so can switch out of it and do something else while its processing. When it’s done you’ll be notified. Sorry this wasn’t clear — we’ll try to clarify that it works this way in a future update.
Thanks again for trying out Shadow Puppet! We love hearing about how people are using it and any issues that come up so we can make it better.

Thanks, Adrian, for helping me better use your app and the prompt feedback!! Again, great job on Shadow Puppet!!
ORIGINAL POST 10/22/2013:

After a day of celebrating my birthday, I turned on my iPad to realize that quite a few apps had been updated. Among them was one app in particular that I’ve considered using to replace 30HandsLearning and Sonic Pics apps…and, it’s free. These apps allows you to do the following:

Create narrated tutorial videos or photo slideshows from a collection of images.

As you can imagine, that’s wonderful because it makes app-smashing (taking creations from one app and smashing into another to create something new) easy to do with apps like the versatile HaikuDeck. Create a slideshow in Haiku Deck, take screenshots of the slides, then organize them in another app to add audio.

The app is Shadow Puppet, an up and coming app that Wes Fryer (SpeedofCreativity.org) introduced me to in this blog entry, Shadow Puppet Lets You Create Helpful Tutorial Videos

Check out their recent, emailed announcement:

We just released a new version of Shadow Puppet in the App Store with a number of updates, including our most requested feature—save to camera roll.  Now when you make a puppet, it’s automatically saved as a video to your camera roll (unless you turn this off in settings).  You can keep these videos for yourself, or easily share them on YouTube, Vimeo, or Instagram.

For fun, I took my Get Twitterpated! Haiku Deck presentation, save slides to the Camera Roll, then narrated it in ShadowPuppet. Everything seemed to go quite well until it came to video rendering time…on an iPad 3rd generation, video rendering took FOREVER. After 10 minutes, I switched to another app, figuring nothing had worked.

I was wrong.

Surprise, when I returned to ShadowPuppet and was able to promptly save my 11min, 27 sec creation.

Some reflections:

  1. Audio recording was great and in sync with images.
  2. Images were taken in at full resolution, so parts of the images appear off-screen. Argh.  (be sure to read the update at the top of this blog post)
#2 is a show-stopper for me for right now, but This is still a great tool for capturing pictures/photos and adding audio to them. I can certainly see ShadowPuppet as a fun digital storytelling tool.
How about you?

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