This video is “spot-on.” Why shouldn’t we let students absorb all the learning they want about something they are interested in? Oh wait, they already do that…just not in school.

When my son is learning a new game for the xbox, he is highly motivated to learn. The intrinsic, intangible rewards and benefits involve respect from his friends, a sense of accomplishment he can be an expert at, and well, it’s fun and engaging.

How does he get ready to learn? He follows these simple principles:

  1. He jumps in with both controllers (brain and hands)
  2. He connects with other learners, irregardless of their location in time and space.
  3. He has his mobile device of choice (e.g. iPad Mini) playing the appropriate YouTube video to learn what to do and when.
  4. He has learning conversations with others, taking advantage of available technologies.
  5. He reflects on what he’s done and learned online, then shares it with anyone who will listen in his immediate surroundings. He also wants to share it online.
Now, as an educator, wouldn’t it be neat to do this, too? And, to have students do that with your stuff?
Read this description of White Noise, a game…

Experience a fully cooperative horror experience like never before!
More content, more terrorific experiences! Gather up to 4 adventurers and explore the eerie locations while avoiding the mysterious monster. Will you survive the trip? 

On White Noise Online, a team of up to 4 investigators has to explore an area looking for clues, while avoiding being devoured by a supernatural creature. Will you be able to uncover the truth behind the mysterious events? 

The game takes the idea of simple, accesible horror behind Slender and evolves it further to adapt it to a cooperative environment

Designed from scratch to offer a shared horror experience, White Noise Online lets you live new situations, never seen before on a videogame.
‘Which way?’
‘Are we walking in circles?’
‘Where are you, guys?’
‘Behind you!’
‘Wait for me!’
‘I hear something!’
Are some of the sentences that resume the game experience that White Noise Online offers. You’ll need teamwork and trust on your partners to take the right choices and overcome the challenges you’ll face.
White Noise Online can be played solo or online, in a cooperative game for up to 4 players. It features over 15 playable characters, each one with their own perks and skills, and 6 scenarios to explore. (Source:

If you noticed the highlighted parts in the excerpt from the web site, you’ll realize that the focus on cooperation and teamwork is key to survival…but is that key to survival in learning opportunities available in schools today?

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