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Over at Leadership Freak, one of my favorite blogs on leadership (how do you do it?!?), the following sentence appears:

…the ability to transform resistance to support is an essential leadership quality.

Wow, how true. When I measure my success or failure as an educational leader, the question is no longer how many projects I’m facilitating, it’s how many projects my team is facilitating. It’s no longer how many people am I stopping from doing things, but how many I am empowering. It’s no longer how many ideas I am coming up with, but rather how enabled others feel in bringing forward their ideas.

To be honest, I often feel like I’m in a catch-22. I often feel that if I share my perspective, I inhibit others. But I’ve set up a sucker’s choice, right? The sucker’s choice is, I share my perspective that silences others or I shut up and allow others to flower.

A better way might be to ask, “How can I share my perspective and empower others to share their ideas without threat?” Like an old hound worrying at a bone with dull teeth, I keep trying to get at this idea.

That’s why Dan Rockwell’s point about resistance is spot-on. Except, I see the resistance, symbolized as rust on the lock or the hinge, as something that must be dissolved, etched away by the acid of a veteran locksmith, who rather than seize a blunt hammer, lets fall some acid to remove the accumulated rust.

By the way, I didn’t know you could dissolve rust with citric acid when I started this blog entry. Amazing the things one learns when he allows himself to follow imagination.

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