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In this blog entry, you’ll find a quick overview of how edcampsa began (worth reading if you’re an organizer) and a podcast of reflections.

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This past Monday, June 15, 2013, I had the opportunity to participate in, a professional learning conference where the participants engaged in a bit of self-determination–they came up with what they wanted to learn about, and then learned from each other. Although only about 60 out of 188 registrants actually showed up, Dr. Roland Rios made an insightful comment:

One of the principles of open space technology is “Whoever comes is the right people.”

At the start of the morning, Mary Ray had this beautiful grid made:

As you can see, the process began quite simply with participants writing about what they wanted to learn on a post-it note and then placing it on the board. These were sorted and organized into similar categories and assigned a room and time slot by Mary Ray (@mray29):

Mary Ray (@mray29) & Dr. Roland Rios (@drrios) organizing the
agenda for the day with Marguerite Lowak (@mlowak)
holding the laptop!

After being sorted, Mary Ray typed these into a GoogleDoc that was shared online…the process didn’t take long and the edcampsa began on schedule with sessions at 10:00am:

I managed to sit in and participate on several conversations throughout the day, but only recorded a few.

Dr. Patricia Birney (pictured left), Assistant Superintendent of C&I, ECISD, shares a message of welcome with participants
Catch her on Twitter @ecisdleader
Dr. Roland Rios (@drrios) addresses the room

That picture doesn’t quite capture, Dr. Rios…this one does, however:

At the end of one conversation, Charlotte Dolat (Alamo Heights ISD) and I had a chance to briefly reflect on edcampsa and it was going so far. We were both apprehensive about the concept of edcamp and gratified by how quickly it was organized and launched.

Charlotte Dolat
(raw, unedited audio)


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