For fun, I decided to create a short ebook (e.g. multimedia ePub for iBook) that summarizes some of the main points of app smashing workshop and blends in an example of digital poetry as I once taught it.

Get a free copy of The Definitive App Smasher’s Guide

  • ePub version (best viewed on an iPad in iBooks, otherwise it’s a bit dull looking )
  • PDF version (ok, this one has the pictures but not the audio/video, so…)
Have fun and drop a note in the comments!!
Special thanks to the following:

  • Whomever I swiped the cover image from before adapting it for my own use. Sigh.
  • Greg K at The History 2.0 Classroom blog. I apologize now for using your name in vain and swiping your awesome title for app smashing. 
  • Anyone I may have left out but needs an affirmation.

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