Over at Education Rethink, John Spencer asks, “Am I techie?” It’s not an uncommon question for educators who have a technology aptitude. I remember the first time I asked a colleague whom I was co-facilitating a session with, “Please don’t label me a techie.” The fun part of that pushback at labeling was that it took place in front of a room full of administrators at a conference. They loved it.

If I had to pick one quality about being techie that all educators should embrace, it’s a constant willingness to admit you’re a learner…you have to because technology is constantly changing.

 I am all about learning. I don’t get the novelty and “coolness” of gadgetry, even when I geek out about programming. I just don’t. I’m more of a teacher and less of a techie. I get excited talking about inquiry and student motivation. I am more likely to get passionate about a great social studies unit or a new novel or a different way to teach problem solving than I am the latest app.

Aren’t we all into learning and what technology enables us to accomplish? Who just loves the technology for itself? Rather, I’ve found passionate human beings get excited about how what tech they use enables them to accomplish a goal or objective.

Let’s stop slapping tags, labels on human experiences like “I’m about learning, not tech.” Or, “It’s pedagogy, not technology.” Enough already. Instead, let’s focus on being human beings who have access to a variety of resources to accomplish what we value and makes a difference.

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