Notes: Here is the final draft of materials for an app smashing session I facilitated earlier this month in one blog entry. What is so delightful are the products teachers created, of which only a small sample has been placed immediately below (the other products include multimedia ePubs created with Book Creator app, and comics created with Strip Designer). Kudos to them for their first time efforts!

Teacher Projects (video only)

These were developed by teachers participated in a local school district’s EC3 Program, which happens to use iPads to enhance teaching and learning. You can find Mary Ray’s (@mray29) overview of the EC3 program online; she shared it at iPadPalooza 2013 Conference last week.

Are YOU an App Smasher?

Be an App Smasher!



1. Getting Comfortable with the Apps: Level 1 and Level 2 Apps
3. Writing Workshop – Digital Poetry with Kenneth Koch

4. Publish your app smashed creation

Part 1 – Getting Comfortable with the Apps

Image Source:

  1. Divide up into 7 groups and explore an app (either  Level 1 or Level 2) of your choice.
  2. Pick your team liason and send them to see Miguel.
  3. After playing around with the app, create a cartoon, slideshow or audio-enhanced image presentation that introduces the audience/viewer/reader to what the app’s best features are (in your opinion). Have fun! You will have approximately 30-40 minutes.
  4. Be prepared to share that presentation with the group.
  5. If you really want to enhance your presentation, share a quick brainstorm of how you might use this in the classroom with your students.
Level 1 – Photo/Video Creation Apps

Download Links (if you need them):
    1. Camera Roll

Level 2 Apps

Level 2 – Photo/Video Creation Apps

Get the App:

Part 2 – App Smashing Overview

Additional Resources

  • Watch this short video walkthrough via ECTV or Dropbox

Mini-Lesson – Interview with a Beautiful Creature 

(Duration: 5-10 minutes)

  1. Rose, Where Did You Get That Red? – Watch via ECTV or Dropbox
  2. Butterfly, Does the Blue Fire? | Sample Teacher Feedback (really weak!)
*Note: These examples are hosted on Dropbox. If viewing on an ECISD device, make sure to authenticate as a teacher first.

Independent Writing – Writing Your Own Interview with a Creature
(Duration: 20-30 minutes)
 “Imagine you are talking to a mysterious and beautiful creature and you can speak its secret language, and you can ask it anything you want.”

(During independent writing)
  • Upload your creation to Edmodo, either the video or the link.

Check out Miguel’s Workshop Materials online at

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