Recently, someone on the GCT list shared this problem:

We had our official school opening today (yay) and have photo’s from all sorts of places.  I haven’t used Picasa for quite a while and was wondering if there was a way to allow our parents to be contributors to the album as we want to collect all the photos we can from people in an easy way.  We are a GAFE school, but our students are all under 13, so we do not allow Google+.

Wow, what a toughie!

Here’s my response…what would you have suggested?

Howdy! Wow, that’s a tough request. You want parents to contribute to a photo album but don’t want to allow them to do it via email. Presumably, you also want them to be able to see immediately what photos they’ve contributed by going to a web-based album, or have the images show up in a slideshow (embedded in a web page).

Via Email, you can do one of these two ways:
1) Setup a Dropbox and use DropItToMe.  This enables anyone with the password (if you enable it) to email photos. Then, use to post the pictures via email
2) Or, if you prefer GoogleDrive, use GoFileDrop to allow folks to email images that get saved in Drive.

With your own web server, you could do the following:

  1. Combine one of the Folio solutions  (both work great; in the zip file linked below, I use the single file Folio solution) with the upload forms elaborated on here (don’t read it unless you want to learn PHP).
  2. To get you started, I’ve included the solution into “” and you can uncompress it. It’s a bare bones form attached in a zip file to this email; the form would allow anyone to upload images to an uploads directory. Note you will probably have to modify it; it was meant for a Linux/Mac server (modify it to work for Windows).

  3. To view the uploaded images, just go to http://webserver/up/uploads and the pictures will display.

Don’t have a web server? Then, you could do the following:

  • Setup an Edmodo account and enable parents to have accounts as students. You could give out the group code and they could upload the pictures. Then, save the pictures to your web album of choice.

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