Update 04/16/2013: Try these ideas:

Here are some handy tips taken from here to obtain Twitter feeds:

RSS Feed for Whatever a User Tweets: http://search.twitter.com/search.rss?q=username
RSS Feed for What is Tweeted at a User: http://search.twitter.com/search.rss?q=@username
Access Your Twitter Favorites:http://twitter.com/mguhlin/favorites

Update 04/04/2013: This trick no longer works. For whatever the reason, Icerocket no longer displays the RSS link, which is a sad thing. An alternate approach is to use IFTTT.com to capture Twitter favorites into an Evernote Notebook. Evernote does provide an RSS feed for its notebooks, so there you go. However, canned searches will not auto-feed via RSS like the old days.

Is the magic fading from the world? That’s a question that’s kicked off many a Fantasy tale, but these days, it’s all about the end of Real Simple Syndication (RSS). David Warlick (2cents) shares these insights:

…a long time ago, Twitter stopped offering RSS feeds for Twitter searches – and other search engines that did offer feeds either disappeared, extinguished the feature (like Twitter.com) or started charging – which is the case with Topsey, the service I’ve been using, demonstrating and wrote about in Cultivating Your Personal Learning Network.

However, that’s not exactly accurate. One search engine I know of DOES offer RSS feeds for Twitter searches–IceRocket.com.

For example, an RSS feed for a Twitter search on a user’s name–or hashtag if you prefer–appears like this:

Here’s the link: http://www.icerocket.com/search?tab=twitter&q=mguhlin&rss=1

Pretty nifty, huh? You can take that RSS feed from IceRocket and drop it into IFTTT.com. Once there, you can re-direct Twitter-based, IceRocket generated RSS feeds to EverNote or a million other places that IFTTT supports.

Here are some Evernote notebooks generated from Twitter hashtags delivered via RSS using IFTTT.com:

I like to do this because I may not always be able to participate “live” in a chat, but at least, I can archive the conversation and then pick through it at my leisure.

Give it a shot, it’s not as hard as you might think!

In the meantime, I hope David will see this post and find it an easier process for generating RSS feeds from Twitter. Thanks, IceRocket!!

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