Director of Desktop Services
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The Director of Desktop Services, under the direction of the Chief Technology Officer, manages the installation, configuration, maintenance, support, and repair of district computers, tablets, peripherals, and audio/visual equipment. The Director of Desktop Services manages the technical staff that performs said computer management and the helpdesk support.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in C.I.S., education, or related discipline with at least three years’ experience in related field.
  • Prior employee supervision preferred.


  • Experience in managing a service staff
  • Knowledgeable of computer hardware, software applications, computer operating systems, and network operating systems
  • Strong troubleshooting skills
  • Good communication and writing skills
  • Strong ability to work with others
  • Experience training staff on new applications and skills


    1. Manages and supervises the technical staff that performs computer support, installation, and repair.
    2. Manages and supervises helpdesk support.
    3. Directs computer technicians in computer repair assignments, responsibilities, and priorities.
    4. Directs Desktop Services’ Lead in setting responsibilities and priorities.
    5. Directs helpdesk staff in setting responsibilities and priorities.
    6. Maintains inventory database of district computer equipment.
    7. Maintains parts inventory pool.
    8. Supports Judson ISD standard software and coordinates administration of several major software packages, such as anti-virus and systems management software.
    9. Manages scheduling and prioritization of helpdesk requests with an eye on customer service and closure metrics.
    10. Plans and executes installation of new computer systems.
    11. Manages and coordinates VDI environment with assistance of Desktop Services’ Lead.
    12. Cooperates with Network Services to develop desktop automation tools and procedures
    13. Works with Instructional Technology to support their initiatives.
    14. Works collaboratively with other departments and campuses in planning work and supporting their activities.
    15. Oversees district technology procurement and price quoting.
    16. Maintains Judson ISD Technology Purchasing Handbook on the Intranet.
    17. Conducts quarterly pricing reviews of equipment on Judson ISD Technology Purchasing Handbook.
    18. Supports multimedia installations, including the JISD Board Room.
    19. Keeps files supporting purchasing decisions and ensures that purchases confirm to state purchasing laws and District policy and procedures.
    20. Creates timely metrics to monitor and improve quality of help desk and repair services.
    21. Collaborated with other professionals in the industry to stay abreast of issues and trends.

  1. Performs other duties as assigned.

Ability to communicate effectively (verbal and written), interpret policies and procedures, reason, read, understand verbal instructions, analyze, differentiate, coordinate, compile, instruct, and maintain emotional control.

Ability to lift and/or carry moderate weight (15-44 pounds), sit, stand, walk, climb stairs or ladder, reach, repetitive hand motions, hear, speak, travel infrequently within the District and occasionally outside the district/county, may experience prolonged and irregular work hours, and work with frequent interruptions.

PAY SCALE:  PO5                                                                             NUMBER OF DAYS:  226
The Judson School District considers applicants for all positions without
regard to race, color, national origin, age, religion, sex, marital or
veteran status, the presence of a medical condition, disability,
or any other legally protected status.
Revised 2/4/2013

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