Left to Right: Dr. Rios (@drrios) and Kristy Vincent (@bigpurplehat)

The picture speaks for itself, doesn’t it? Kristy Vincent wasn’t afraid to resurrect some old ideas in her presentation, Education Enlightenment at the TCEA 2013 Campus Leadership Academy. Here is the description of her session:

In historical philosopher Plato’s most famous work The Republic, he writes about “our nature in its education and want of education” using “The Allegory of the Cave.” Fast forward thousands of years and we find ourselves asking many of the same questions within the realm of education, especially about technology in education. What is the reality of it all? What is feasible? Where should we look for answers? Spend some time thinking through this reality, and you will leave with a deeper understanding of what is happening in your classrooms.

My biggest take-away was the idea that most teachers are like those who dwell in the cave, who are afraid to step away from the reality of the shadows that they have been forced to observe during their work. To cast them into the light, rather than darkness, and strip away the comforting dark that has shielded them from bewilderment would be cruel.

Excellent insight that helps one appreciate the plight of those who put their pain of changing above the sacrifice that our children require. In truth, it’s a balancing act…dancing amidst the shadows.

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