(Left to Right: Dr. Cathy Morton, Christy Cate)

Earlier today, I had a chance to catch up with Christy Cate (pictured above, right) whom I’d met quite a few years ago while facilitating a Moodle workshop in Abilene ISD. We were chatting about the plethora of learning management systems available now compared to what had been back then. As we discussed how traditional LMSs appear to be closed and difficult to work, Christy shared how she was participating in a large MOOC focused on EdTech.
Some of the points that she shared included how neat the structure of the ETMooc.org was, how she was able to create her content–and it continued to belong to her after the course was over, not lost in the discussion area of a closed LMS.

One of the neat points that appealed to me is that they’ve identified a variety of topics–such as digital storytelling shown above–and then asked participants to share how they would approach that topic. What a neat approach! I am considering joining the class; Christy said it’s not too late to “join up” since all the webinars are recorded and available.
Some of the technologies that are used include blogs, Google+ Community, GoogleDocs, RSS, etc.! I suppose I’d like to apply the open approach of a MOOC to a K-12 professional learning opportunity. Have you done that or know of someone who has? If so, please share it in the comments.