In a previous blog entry, Collect Student Work Easily on the iPad, I shared how easy it was to collect student work from iPads using two free apps, Readdle’s Documents and WebDAV Nav. At the time, I moved quickly to put together a solution that would address the problem.

However, today while working with a colleague showing her the process with Documents, I found myself transferring files from one iPad to another with only the Readdle Documents app! The process was so easy, I promptly showed my colleague and then other iPad-wielding educators.

I realized that when I had done this before, I hadn’t even considered what would happen if both iPads were using Documents simultaneously!

Two apps=good, 1 app=better! for sharing.

Cool, huh?

Here’s the revised workflow:

Step 1 – Get the app you need.

On the teacher iPad, install Readdle’s Documents (previously known as ReaddleDocs but they changed their name and have gone FREE).

Why are we getting Readdle Documents? For the simple reason that it can turn your iPad into a WebDav server! That means, student iPads can connect to your iPad and use it as a storage location for their work. Since apps like Keynote, Pages, etc. have WebDav support, you can easily collect their work if other storage solutions are unavailable. It also can replace other apps you’re using!

On the student iPad(s), also install Readdle Documents. This is what will allow student iPads to connect to your teacher iPad.

Step 2 – Turn on Your Teacher iPad WebDav Server.
To accomplish this, start up your Documents app you just obtained and go to NETWORK button. That will reveal a screen like the one below:

Notice that Documents is incredibly versatile (click Add Storage to see what I mean). For now, all we care about is that you can access the iPad via your web browser OR, and here’s the important part, WebDav app.

Tip: Before turning this on, I would create a folder you want students to drop their work into or it will all get mixed in together with other stuff you have in Documents. Also, be aware that students will see EVERYTHING you have stored in Documents and be able to copy it to their iPads. Too bad Readdle Documents lacks a preference setting that allows you to set an “upload” folder and restrict access to the rest of the stuff stored in Documents app.

Step 3 – Connect from a Student iPad to the Teacher iPad App.
Whomever has connected to the other iPad via Documents will be able to copy/move/delete files to and from their iPad.

Note: Anyone connecting via Documents will have full rights to add, remove content, so grant these rights judiciously to your students.

That’s pretty much all there is to getting students to “save” their work on the Teacher’s iPad.

Ok, so what happens if you’re the teacher (or someone else), have a computer and want to quickly download a student project? All that person has to do is turn on Readdle Documents WiFi, then connect via the IP address or iPad name. 

When s/he connects, they will see a window like the following:

(by the way, I set my Readdle Documents to have a password but you don’t have to)

Once you are connected, you will see all the files on your ipad online in Readdle Documents. You can then download those files to your computer.

That’s all, folks! 

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