Last Updated: 01/20/2013

If you don’t know about Readdle Documents, then you need to run out and install it on your iOS (e.g. iPad, iTouch, iPhone) device right away! I use it every day and it’s taken the place of my old favorites such as:

  1. iFiles – This was my favorite file manager, but it never quite got to the level I wanted, although it was the best around (IMHO) until Readdle Documents came along. I seldom use it anymore.
  2. GoodReader ($4.99) – I never use GoodReader anymore now that I have Readdle’s Documents app.
  3. FlexPlayer Documents plays MP4, m4v videos without problem (although it can’t handle AVI, FLV) videos, plays full-screen and works quite well. If you want multiple format support, FlexPlayer is still the one to go with (with in-app purchases for even more flexibility) but Documents will get the job done!
  4. and Stanza (free ebook reader) – Documents works great because it lets me organize my collection of ebooks in ePub, PDF format rather than just try to scroll through one long list, which is what Stanza forces you to do.

…and adds new features that some of these didn’t have, such as better file organization. You can also interface with various cloud storage solutions (e.g. GoogleDrive, Dropbox, WebDAV, FTP, SugarSync, Box, SkyDrive, etc.).

A little about Readdle Documents, which launched a new version today that is FREE (no cost) and if you haven’t installed it yet, why haven’t you?!?

Today we are launching a new application – Documents. It is a robust document reader, media player and file manager for iPad.Why should you install Documents on your iPad?The application is super useful. A child could use it, but is can do so much, that we have a 20-page guide to cover everything. With all this power, Documents is completely free (with no ads or in-app purchases).The ultimate goal was to create an app that everyone will use. It had to be elegant, easy to use and powerful. (read more)

If you’re wondering how it’s replaced 3 different apps, here’s how:

1 Gone: iFiles Documents replaced iFiles because it made it very easy to store and organize any kind of file, as well as copy files on and off my iPad. This feature alone was phenomenal and a big improvement over iFiles (although I still have a special place in my heart for iFiles).
2 Gone: GoodReader – As nice as this app was, I found it to be too clumsy, the design getting in the way. Readdle Documents, which I bought and has morphed into a beautifully simple Documents app, gets out of the way and offers functionality in a beautiful package.
3 Gone: FlexPlayer – This is one of those must-have video viewing apps but I was thrilled to see that Documents provides for full-screen video playback on MP4, m4v video formats, although not AVI or FLV. Playback is great and makes

4 Gone: Stanza – I despaired of reading my non-DRM ePub book collection on Stanza. Stanza’s endless scroll to read books was a pain. Fortunately, Readdle Documents combines awesome file management (the ability to create folders, move files, delete, rename files) with the ability to read ePub formatted ebooks. WOW!
And, if you haven’t seen how Readdle Documents can turn your iPad into a server to gather and share student work in K-Adult classroom settings, then you need to read this blog entry!
This app is FREE. Amazing because it creates an oasis of file storage and management on the iPad, allowing you to move, organize, share files via WiFi that simply just works.

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