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What essential classroom tech do you see as necessary, and, perhaps another question, how many traditional digital devices can the iPad replace? You might take a look at these and see if there’s a fit for them in your classroom. I am always on the look-out for less expensive technologies that will get the job done, but what is that job?

In this blog entry, Jack Be Nimble – The Demise of the Computer Lab, I shared my imperfect vision for classroom technology tools. Outfitting every teacher seems excessive when a document camera or digital projector can be quite expensive (especially those light bulb replacements…why can’t they be those last forever light bulbs so that when teachers leave them on over the holiday breaks, it’s not a big deal? Or, how about smart devices that know when to turn themselves off?).

Some of the “standard” tools–notice the inclusion of Evernote compatibility, which makes Evernote an increasingly important tool to learn to use with students–include the following:

  1. Doxie U Scanner ($119): From their web site: “Doxie U. makes it easy to post your stuff online, integrating directly with your favorite local and web apps – post directly to Google Docs, Evernote, Flickr, and more.” I already want to try one for home use, but it will have to get in line since I have other things to spend my limited discretionary money on…where’s that Marble Slab Creamery coupon?!?

    Original Page:

    An increasingly viable alternative to a scanner is using an iPad with an app like TinyScan ($1.99) (which I’ve used successfully and been pleased with) or the slightly more expensive Readdle Scanner Pro ($6.99) which a colleague recommended. Scanner Mini (free and also from Readdle) allows you to access your scanned documents via WiFi, which is pretty cool…you’ll have to do an in-app purchase, though, for the right to email the scanned document.

  2. IPEVO Document Camera: Via Edudemic: “IPEVO Point 2 View Document Camera. It’s a simple and effective tool that’s both cheap and versatile. It’s $69,  works with USB (so it’ll plug into your laptop if your classroom desktop is from the dark ages), and it works with Evernote.”

    Alternative using an iPad: Of course, if you’d like to try an iPad alternative (since you have an iPad), you can take a look at Justand document camera. Check out this YouTube video. Here are a few other options in a Pinterest board. Other products include The Betty, Belkin Stage, etc. Of course, you could always make your own as Tim Holt shows off here in this video:

    (you might also want to watch this DIY iPad Document Camera video)

  3. Digital Whiteboard: There are a lot of solutions for interactive whiteboards, but…there are also many solutions that are much less expensive.

    Alternative digital whiteboardUse iPad as a digital whiteboard

  4. Digital Projector: Selecting an inexpensive digital projector can be difficult. Most folks have varying criteria for a digital projector should be able to do. You’ll want to read The Classroom Projector Comparison Report.
  5. Digital Still and Video Camera: Instead of buying a bunch of still cameras and video cameras devices, just use the iPad. Pretty funny, huh?

What other essential classroom tech do you see, and, perhaps another question, how many traditional digital devices can the iPad replace?

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