Wish you could get royalty free audio clips (or your favorite audio clips) into Hokusai Audio Editor on the iPad? Stay tuned….

Ok, you may be getting tired of me going over how to do podcasts on an iPad, but as you may know, while I do occasionally (seldom would be more accurate) connect my iPad to a Mac, I usually plug the iPad into a computer running Lubuntu Linux.

This gives me some flexibility in dragging and dropping files, enabling me to avoid having to deal with iTunes. If you’re running a Mac and want to try this, get a copy of VirtualBox, download LubuntuLinux, install it, then, while Virtualbox is running, plug in your iPad (you may have to follow these steps first)

Having embraced Hokusai Audio Editor and MultiTrack DAW, I was wondering how to get some of royalty-free audio clips on my iPad in a way that would make it available for importing. Since I’m working on an LubuntuLinux, it’s a simple matter to drag the audio files directly into the Hokusai Documents folder on my iPad Documents partition.

As you can in the screenshot above, you have to just dump the audio clips into the Hokusai Documents folder…if you put them in a folder to organize them (e.g. AudioClips), Hokusai won’t be able to “see them” when you tap on the import button.

If you drop them into the Hokusai Documents folder, when tap on IMPORT, you’ll see the list of audio files as shown below…

…from that point, you can import the sound file in, and it will display as a different track:
If you’re going to be moving these audio files to MultiTrack DAW for further work, you’ll want to Quick Export out of Hokusai one track at a time, otherwise, the tracks will be merged as one. Of course, that may be something you want to do.
The workflow might be as follows:
  1. Create/import your audio track in Hokusai, then…
  2. AudioCopy-n-Paste it over to MultiTrack DAW one at a time.
  3. Access MultiTrack DAW via WiFi
Of course, if you’re trying to minimize your investment, you could drop MultiTrack DAW….

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