Update 5/01/2013: This doesn’t work anymore. Evernote has killed RSS feeds for public notebooks. Cancel your Premium account and stop using them.

Update 11/24/2012: This tutorial has been updated…and I’ve removed an error in my instructions.

You may recall this quick tutorial on how to share content you clip into Evernote Notebooks via RSS using a tool like Some reasons why getting RSS from Evernote to share with the world is fun include the following:

  •  Use something like IFTTT or Twitterfeed to push your shared Evernote Notebook RSS feed out via Twitter and/or Facebook
  • Use Edmodo? You can easily share content you are clipping into your EverNote Notebook to that Edmodo Group by Subscribing your Group to an RSS feed. Anytime you update that Evernote Notebook, the Edmodo group gets it.
  • Lots of other neat reasons but those two are enough for me.

This approach works with

Step 1 – Get the Shared Notebook URL, such as the one below:

Step 2 – And, then add /feed to URL appearing above:

Here’s what that will look like…this approach sure seems easier 😉

Now that you have an RSS feed, you can drop it into Edmodo or anywhere else that will take an RSS feed.

Step 3 – Create your recipe…it will look something like this:

And, that’s it! This will deliver your RSS feed to Blogger via email or wherever else you’ve pointed your recipe.

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