Like many parents who have a young adult graduating from high school (or just finished up graduating from high school), I have the job of making a “montage” of photos of that graduate, adding music, etc. Sure, I could have used a computer, but what’s the point of that?

I found myself eyeing my iPad this morning, wondering, “Can the iPad take all the pictures I have in PicasaWeb, Facebook albums, and  allow me to add audio tracks of my daughter’s favorite songs, and mix them all together so that it looks like I spent hours preparing to honor my daughter?”

At first, I was a bit worried. I considered investing in Apple’s iPhoto and creating a journal–whatever the heck that is–but then decided to Google-It and find out what others thought. Soon enough, I found myself on the path most blog entries lead to–PhotoSlideShow HD, a wonderfully inexpensive app at $.99 that let do everything I’d hoped for. 
  • Make photo slideshows on iPad easily
  • Export slideshows to HD videos with high speed
  • Support Picasa, Facebook and Flickr web album
  • Make music videos for your favorite songs on iPad
  • Upload to YouTube and Facebook directly
Whether you have pictures in PicasaWeb, Flickr, on your iPad, you can “suck ’em all in” and drop them into the PhotoSlideShow HD. Once there, you can add really nice effects, clean the photos up in case they have problems with them (too dark, too light, blah blah blah), and then match the music up.
My family and I just watched the 250+ image slideshow with 4-5 songs, and it came off GREAT! If you’re looking for an iPad solution for photo slideshows in HD, then PhotoSlideShow HD is definitely worth purchasing for the job!

Visit the PhotoSlideShow web site

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