Looking for an easy way to save documents to Dropbox, Box, SugarSync from webdav friendly apps on your iPad? Then take a hard look at Otixo, which has upped it’s bandwidth usage from less than 300 megs a month to 2 gigs per month! That’s a tremendous improvement that should have any iPad user who uses iWorks, etc. and wants to save their documents to cloud storage solutions sitting up and paying attention!
Find out more about how Otixo works online in this blog entry where I explored it in more detail (includes a short tutorial).

You can also earn free credits for anyone who signs into Otixo at your invitation, but it’s via email invitation only, which is a bit of a pain. If Otixo really wanted to spread their product, they’d provide a link like Dropbox does so you can share it via Twitter, G+, etc. How about it, Otixo?

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