One of the pains of working with an iPad is creating and saving documents off of that device. You can use WebDav to save files you create on the iPad to WebDav friendly cloud storage locations. Remember that WebDAV allows you to edit documents remotely and keep files in sync with your iPad.

Web-Dav-friendly Apps
To alleviate that pain of working with the iPad, let’s assume you’ve embraced–as I shared in this blog entry–as a storage solution for your students who are using iPads and need to save documents. Several apps have built-in webdav that allow you to open documents and save documents to a central server. 

Some of those apps appear below:

Know of any other tools?
Another neat list of tools allow you to interact with WebDav servers to get content. While you can download files via a browser on the iPad, you could also use a file manager. For example, while you can manage OwnCloud online via the web, you can also use a file manager to create folders and certain types of allowable files (text) in your OwnCloud account. 

One of those File Managers/Explorers is MyWebDav, which works pretty well interacting with the OwnCloud server–which is hosted on a district server–and files:
Note that the “more stuff” folder was created via the File Explorer window of MyWebDav app (shown below)
Nifty, huh?

WebDav-friendly File Managers
Here are a few file managers or file explorers worth considering:
  1. MyWebDav (no cost)
  2. iFiles ($3.99)
  3. iStorage HD ($5.99)
  4. OvertheAir (no cost) – Allows you to view files via Dropbox, iDisk, and WebDav
The WebDav Holy Grail?
What would be the holy grail of these types of utilities? Something that empowers any iPad app to save and open files to/from WebDav.

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