In my previous entry, I shared the 
Otixo approach (thanks, Mark!) to getting documents off your iPad.  But that got me thinking about what would it take to set up your own WebDav server in your District so you’re not posting confidential documents off in the cloud (e.g. Dropbox, and, in the case of Otixo (which makes it very easy to do this), having to upgrade to their paid service because they’re so awesome.

So, wouldn’t it be neat to setup WebDav for your own use in a school district? That would make it much easier to move documents on/off your iPad. Apparently so…here are some districts’ approaches to doing that:

  • We’re in our second year using ReaddleDocs, in conjunction with a secure WebDAV share for distributing the files.
  • We use WebDav to interact with our network for saving files [from iPads] if needed.
  • Some of the ways our students are creating with iPads – They go home with classes of students for eReading where the students annotate and take notes.They are used in science classes where students create and update “Blabs” via Blogger  (science labs + Blogger). They are also used in science classes to input data via Google Spreadsheets and use spreadsheets as feedback forms. They are used in French, where students switch to the French keyboard to create slide presentations via the Keynote app. Student work created in the Pages and Keynote app is saved to the students network folder easily via webdav. And their work via computers can be uploaded to the iPad the same way.

How could school districts set up their own Do It Yourself WebDav for sharing documents among students/staff with iPads, and not have to rely on the cloud-based services at all, eliminating the concern of storing confidential student data in the cloud?

If you don’t want to mess with those instructions linked above, you could always give OwnCloud a try. It’s a self-hosted Dropbox-like solution. As they point out on their web site:

ownCloud is perfect for use inside your company. Your data on your servers, under your control.

If you have an UbuntuLinux server, you can get started with the instructions for OwnCloud setup here.

I’m still a bit hazy on the details. How are you using self-hosted WebDav to facilitate document sharing for your iPad devices?

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