Some time ago, I’d shared that blogging on an iPad was a bit of a pain. The main obstacle I found was changing my workflow…interacting with content across various tabs in a browser, flipping back to the Blogsy app (which is now working great after updates and reinstall), etc.

My previous blog entry was written entirely via iPad, and includes images, links, and more. Here are some quick tips for facilitating blog entry development:

  • Double-press the Home button on your iPad to get a list of currently open apps. You can easily switch back-n-forth between apps, such as iCab browser and Blogsy.
  • Blogsy makes it easy to switch to HTML view to add links in code.
  • It’s pretty easy to drop images in from a google search (just search and then drag the image in…it would be nice if it provided a caption with the image source!)

As a result of the new workflows, getting things done takes different steps, if not extra ones. To get the full benefit of the iPad, it appears you have to pay for the apps that will enable you to get things done.

For example, a roundup of Google friendly apps might include the following:

  1. iMailG HD – This app has made handling email, G+, and calendars on the iPad a LOT easier. Although you have to pay $1.99 for it (it’s on sale at the time of this writing), it’s made handling multiple Gmail accounts quite easy, allowing me to archive the Mail app and uninstall the Gmail app that is available for free. Although this app also appears to work well with GoogleDocs, it doesn’t recognize my Zagg keyboard…making it worthless for doc editing.
  2. Picasa HD – Although I was tempted to invest in iPhoto–and had it on my must-have list–I’m not sure that NOT having it will impair my work. I simply want a tool that will allow me to easily upload my images/pictures to Picasa (and G+ for iPad satisfies that auto-upload need in a way that SugarSync can’t quite live up to, although it tries hard) and delete them when necessary. Picasa HD is no-cost, albeit ad-based alternative…you tap on an ad once, and ads are disabled throughout your experience with that app. Of course, as soon as you tap away, upon returning to the app, you will find yourself facing an ad again. Repeat the ad-tapping process, and then you’re back to no ads until you switch away.
  3. GoDocs – At $4.99, it won’t break the bank, and I wish I’d spent the money on this instead of Pages, which, while beautiful, blah blah blah, still doesn’t make it easy to share content outside of the Apple prison ecosystem. That’s why I was pleasantly surprised by GoDocs which makes viewing your folders, documents in GoogleDocs fairly easy and editing online workable…much better than trying to do it via the Web browser. The acid test, of course, is trying to edit a spreadsheet Gdoc, and GoDocs makes that possible. Sharing, downloading are also options. You may want to read this detailed review on it. Note that GoDocs is best for word processing, a little spreadsheet, but cannot really handle presentations.

What do you are you doing with your iPad? Is it a “laptop-replacement” tool (which is what I’m doing with it in addition to all the other neat stuff it can do)?

Update: You may also want to read these entries on how to copy and get documents on/off your iPad via WebDav: