Please notice the zombie in the middle panel…more on that later!

Thursday (04/26/2012) is my last day in the San Antonio ISD as their Director of Instructional Technology & Learning Services (ITLS). I began in June, 2002 and I have accepted a position with the East Central ISD as their Director of Technology, where I will start on April 30, 2012.

As you might imagine, I was delighted to receive this work of art (above) from my team earlier this week. Created by Molly Valdez (Virtual Learning Coordinator) and designed by all my team–notice the signatures–you can see what they imagine what my life will be like in my new workplace! What a laugh to get to the last panel!

Note: Although my disclaimer at the bottom of every blog post shares that what I write in this blog doesn’t reflect the opinions of my employer(s), I also practice a “Don’t write about work” policy except when it’s to highlight awesome stuff. Today, I’m sorta breaking that rule to share what some of you already know–I’m leaving San Antonio ISD after almost 10 years of service (June 3, 2012 would have been my 10 year marker!).

It’s hard to believe I’ll be stepping out of my role as Director of Instructional Technology for the San Antonio ISD, and transitioning to a new role as Director of Technology for the East Central ISD!! When I think of everything I’ve accomplished in the San Antonio ISD, I immediately realize that it was impossible without an incredible team of folks, some of them who have passed away, retired, moved on to bigger and better things, or remain offering service to the SAISD community of educators.

Left to Right: Molly V., Tonya M., somebody walking by, Claude A., Josie Salas and
thanks to teammates
who couldn’t be included, like Diana Benner, Sue Harris, Tamara Holcomb, Laura Lopez, Sylvia Martinez,
Greg Rodriguez, Larry Stegall, and Curt Zaumeyer (deceased) who have moved on to other positions or
passed away.

I also couldn’t have done anything without a wonderfully supportive supervisor, Patricia Holub:

…and wonderful friends like Carol Frausto (Director of Advanced Academic Services) and many others:

When I first arrived in SAISD, I had a list of projects to implement and I tried to do them all before the end of the first 6 months (ok, 2 months). As far as I was concerned, “The bus was leaving and you better get on it!” (no, I didn’t know about Jim Collins at the time). As an educator, I’ve always believed that the people on the bus, in the classroom, on your team ARE the right people…you just need to help them align their strengths with the needs of the organization. What a phenomenal change in leadership style after learning how important it is to empower others to achieve greatness, and less about your ideas and projects.

Since that time, I’ve had wonderful opportunities to work with talented team members, such as Tonya Mills who presented me with this graphic design work…you have to appreciate our sense of humor as we anticipate the zombie apocalypse foretold in the chronicles of The Walking Dead:


From the Technology Department card….

Below are some of the kind words principals have emailed:
  • Good Luck Miguel, you were TOPS in my book!

  • Thank you for your dedication and innovative programs. Your continuous support on an individual bases has been well acknowledge by me and my colleagues .We will miss you and wish you the best on your new position.
  • It has been a pleasure working with you. It is with mixed feeling that I say “good bye”, I  am so sad to have you leave, but happy that you have a new adventure beginning
  • Congratulations are in order for your promotion. You’ve done a great job at SAISD and our students will benefit from the technological advances you’ve helped create. Best of Luck to you at East Central.
  • You will greatly be missed.  I enjoyed working with you and your support for our campus was outstanding.  Every time I called, you were readily and available to address our needs and for that I am very grateful to you.  Once again, best of luck to you. 
  • Congratulations! Thank you for your support!
  • Best of luck, sir!  You will be sorely missed.
  • Best wishes in  your new position, Miguel! THANK YOU for always helping me and my staff when we needed help. Your efforts are greatly appreciated!
  • We will miss you Miguel.  Best wishes to you in your new position and Congratulations.  I wish you the BEST!!!
  • Congratulations! We will miss you. Best of luck to you.
  • Best wishes, you’ve always been very helpful to me.
  • Miguel, I will miss you and thanks for your help.

A quick shout-out: I am also grateful to Josie Salas’ daughter-in-law, Valerie. She was kind enough to bake some awesome “upside down” cake (Josie flipped the cake container on her way into work, so we’re calling it “Angry Cake” by way of saying she was protesting) and brownies:

This completely blew my diet for today out of the water! Grr…

Here’s Josie looking angry, a prerequisite for angry cake (I really had to push her on this):

Thanks to all for your wonderful emails, gifts, and everything else! In truth, the gift of yourselves and what you have taught me is sufficient in itself.

And, finally, looking forward to my time in East Central ISD:

That’s me at the ECISD Board Meeting being introduced with  my family!

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