(Here’s a quick snapshot I took of folks using my iPad…I converted it to a sketch using InstantSketch app which is free today or this weekend…nifty, huh? My main note-taking app is EverNote).

Last week, I had the opportunity to attend the San Antonio Regional Technology Directors’ Meeting. Of course, it was a fruitful meeting (not just because TCEA Area 20 Director, Dr. Roland Rios and Jennifer Faulkner (past Area 20 Director) brought fruit!). Special thanks to NorthEast ISD for hosting the meeting!

There were a variety of topics discussed, and below you can find my imperfect notes on the meeting. I hope to add audio to the notes later, but this should give you an idea for some of the topics discussed.

Key Performance Indicators for Department Performance Over Time

  1. How do you baseline how you’re doing? What kind of system?
  2. Percent up time?
  3. Time to resolve helpdesk tickets?
  4. Data from network…server snapshots, solarwind snapshots (syslogging) that goes into database, bring programs to graph over time.
  5. Use Baldridge Model
  6. SchoolDude – doesn’t have all the metrics needed to track response time, tickets closed each day, etc. There aren’t enough metrics in the application that we use.
  7. Eduphoria has these metrics built-in…you can have it email you if something is taking too long.
  8. SAISD uses WhatsUpGold…still use HEAT for work order monitoring, etc.
  9. Eduphoria Suite is free through Region 20. There’s no seamless technical support experience. Hopeful that they will create a quick ticket feature.
  10. What key performance are you using for Instructional Technology? Roland suggests keeping a repository of cool projects, as well as fill out forms, and have students present to the school board. GoogleApps for Education Domain. Virgil wants to know if you can do a mass change of passwords?


IMA Technology Funds

  1. How long did it take to get the funds? Requested the funding after paying with local funds for iPads…but TEA (NEISD) said that you can not be reimbursed local funds using IMA funds. This has profound implications.
  2. Steve (Boerne ISD) reports that it takes about a week to get the IMA funding.
  3. A teeny fraction of money requested state-wide has gone to technology.
  4. Can you fund people out of IMA?

User Provisioning

  1. How do you do this? How do you maintain this information? Does your management talk to your Directory or do you do it by hand?
  2. UMRA Solution – http://www.tools4ever.com/products/user-management-resource-administrator/
  3. All user directories are in one giant box, user emails are on one server. As staff/students move from campus to campus, or grade level, they automatically move everyone up. (Poteet ISD)
  4. Note to Miguel: check into Compellant

Inventory Management Software

  1. What do you inventory?
  2. Software solutions: Eduphoria
  3. Give unique names (e.g. cemetary, ICU)
  4. Put lego robotics kits in so that they can be reserved by campuses.
  5. Is Eduphoria free?
  6. OCS – free open source software. It will send a message from the machine since you can put an agent on it. You can see CPU, software installed. It doesn’t update itself, so at the end of year, you have to clean it out.
  7. WASP/CAIN – Campus Inventory. Campus technician can go scan the barcode on the iPad, then audit the information. Judson ISD is right in the middle of doing this in connection with Eduphoria HelpDesk and incorporating the campus asset tag. HEB ISD is using this as well. With WASP, you can do projectors, etc.
  8. SAISD uses Absolut Computrace. You buy a 3-4 year old license. Mainly purchased for the security piece, track it by IP address. There is a pro-rated guarantee. It does have the asset tracking piece, querying the machine, rely on Region 20 for annual inventory. Between both of those, we get a picture of what is at the schools. We’ve recovered several laptops that are stolen; Computrace works with our SAISD Police Dept. It costs about $70.
    1. Virgil Kirk says we can replace two stolen laptops for the price of Computrace.
    2. Remote wipe capability.
    3. Mobile device management solution is available

Mobile Device Management

  1. Discussion of various solutions. It appears some districts have chosen AirWatch, Casper, and Meraki Cloud Solution (available for free), Lightspeed (also offers)
  2. How do you enable teachers to be able to add apps when they want to but prevent inappropriate use?
  3. NEISD has created Gmail accounts to assign to specific.
  4. What are the things you want a management program to do?
    1. Pushing out profiles
    2. Security
    3. Every campus can purchase volume cards and get apps. Centralize volume purchasing to gain volume discounts.
    4. The ability to push out apps?
    5. Lock people out from the App store (you can do that with the Apple Configurator)
  5. There is a difference in issuing them and storing them in the cart. When you issue iPads out, apps are treated as consumables (e.g. Eanes ISD). iPads are designed for one to one.
  6. Would management work if you kept your volume purchasing, campus-based?
  7. How many volume purchasing accounts should you have?
  8. Our business manager setup a software budget…special education has their own software budget (they would be setup with their own software budget and volume purchase card).
  9. http://www.mguhlin.org/2012/02/mynotes-ios-headaches-tcea2012.html