DISTRICT:   Lewisville
POSTING DATE:   04/05/2012
CLOSING DATE:   04/20/2012
LOCATION:   Bolin Administration Building
POSITION:   Director of Information Management Systems
JOB DESCRIPTION:   Please go to the followitn link for a current (read only) job description:
JOB QUALIFICATIONS:   see job description
DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES:   see job description
REQUIRED EXPERIENCE:   see job description
OTHER INFORMATION:   LISD employees DO NOT fill out the online application. Internal candidates (ONLY) send letter of interest/qualifications and resume to currany@lisd.net
APPLY TO:   http://www.teacherjobnet.org Follow instructions and attach all pertinent documents to the online application.
Internal candidates DO NOT fill out the online application. Int. Cand. (ONLY) send letter of interest/Qualifications and resume to curray@lisd.net
SALARY:   Midpoint Salary $90,830, Experience Considered
DAYS:   240
WORK HOURS:  FROM – 8   TO – 5
START DATE:   July 2, 2012

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