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Some time in the last week, I shared the following with colleagues on the Google-Certified Teachers (GCT) list:

A colleague recently posted this question, and to be honest, we’ve had the same question in my current district. Any suggestions/ideas?

Students from one of our classes have entered a contest in our Electric Coop. They have uploaded a video to Youtube and it will be seen and judged on content. When I go to see it (and hopefully put it on our website) I see content that shouldn’t be viewed by children next to it.  How can I avoid this?  We tagged the youtube video with the words: teen, Silverton, electricity, co-op, energy.

You’ve probably already heard of–I’d heard of it, but forgotten to bookmark it, and so…it was lost to me until Robert Madden (@mrmadden77) on the GCT list mentioned it again.

Viewpure is a web service that removes all the clutter from YouTube video and runs it in a neat interface. You can also create a custom environment for video viewing, example you can generate personalized URL ([URL]) and also password protect your video.
Read more: Under Creative Commons License: Attribution No Derivatives solves the problem of inappropriate content popping up…not that I could find any for this blog entry:

Take the URL for the video above, , and paste it into
Then, you’ll get something like this:
But wouldn’t it be neat to embed that ViewPure viewer on a web page, perhaps a Moodle or web page?
You can do it…simply take the URL provided by ViewPure and use the embed code from YouTube. Except, instead of using the link from YouTube, use the link from ViewPure…looks like this:
…which looks like this when embedded in a web page:
Of course, YouTube advertising will still show up. You can also adjust the code to get closer to what you want.

And, if you’re feeling really adventurous and edgy (not really), you can also customize the page that appears on the ViewPure site, cutting out extraneous stuff…but that’s a bit more risky and in danger of violating copyright that ViewPure has established. I’ve emailed to see what might be possible…is this something that could be self-hosted by schools?

Some other write-ups on ViewPure:

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